A Guide To The Real Causes of Bacterial Vaginosis

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Bacterial Vaginosis is simply defined as inflammation occurring within the vaginal region.

It is actually caused by different strains of bacteria that combine to create the condition. Because it is caused by multiple bacteria, diagnosis and treatment of BV is not as easy as conditions caused by a single strain. You see, there are good and bad bacteria living in the vagina. When the bad bacteria increase, outnumbering the good ones, an infection occurs. While the outnumbering of the bad versus the good bacteria is the root cause of the infection; there are other factors that also have shown to be a cause of BV that lead to this vaginal bacteria imbalance.

One of the most common causes of Bacterial Vaginosis is improper wiping after a bowel movement.

Proper hygiene dictates to wash from front to back; this is what mothers always teach their children right? This is not to be disregarded especially for girls. If you wash from back to front; meaning from anus to vagina, there is a great possibility that you are transferring the bacteria or worse, fecal residue to your vagina. This would result to the increase in number of bad bacteria that would eventually result to imbalance with good ones. Infections caused by this factor is common and when left untreated would lead to more complicated vaginal infections.

Almost all cases of Vaginitis appear in women in the reproductive age, although there are incidences reported occurring in pre-puberty girls. This occurs as a mild infection only and can be treated with simple medications alone. However, if there are accompanying symptoms that might indicate a deeper implication, proper consultation must then be sought.
There are also activities and habits that are believed to be causes of BV. Wearing of tight jeans is also pointed out as related to the development of infection. Tight jeans and thongs when worn can cause rubbing of the cloth from the anus to the vagina. This would not only irritate the vaginal labia but also cause the transfer of bacteria from the back to the front; similar to why proper manner of washing after bowel movement is necessary.

Although not considered as a sexually transmitted disease (STD), multiple sexual partners and being in a lesbian affair are also related to causes of Bacterial Vaginosis. This goes the same way with having anal intercourse with a male sex partner.

Bacterial Vaginosis is not an easy disorder to live with.

The annoying signs and symptoms that come with the infection are a great burden for a woman suffering from the condition. While medications such as antibiotics would be prescribed upon visits to the medical doctor; it is not a guarantee that the infection won't reoccur. Learning the causes of BV would not only help you stay away from getting infected, it may also be your guide in learning some natural methods that can permanently cure the infection.

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A Guide To The Real Causes of Bacterial Vaginosis

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This article was published on 2011/01/21