Bacterial Cystitis in Dogs

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Bacterial cystitis in dogs is often referred to as a bladder infection. If your dog has a bladder infection you may notice blood in the urine, repeated urination, painful and/or difficult urination, and failure to urinate in the appropriate places. Every so often there many be no signs of bacterial cystitis what so ever. This can make for a serious situation if the infection spreads upwards to the kidneys.
Recurrent bacterial cystitis can appear when your dog seems perfectly healthy otherwise. These types of infections are difficult to cure and your veterinarian will probably try to keep the bacteria at bay through low dose antibiotic treatment over an extended period of time. Your veterinarian will want to keep a close eye on the situation through frequent monitoring.
Recurrent bouts of bacterial cystitis in dogs are a potentially dangerous condition, perhaps indicating that an underlying problem exists. Among these possible problems would be stones, tumors, cysts, and birth defects.
Diagnosing bacterial cystitis in dog is no simple matter. This is primarily due the narrowing of potential causes and then identification the offending bacteria. Test commonly needed to either rule out possible causes or to confirm the condition are a urinalysis, blood tests, contrast x-rays, ultrasonography, and/or cystoscopy.  Of these 5 tests a urinalysis is the one most likely to be required. Once the offending bacterial has been identified, a carefully selected antibiotic will be prescribed, hopefully eliminating the infection.

Bacterial cystitis in dogs is a difficult and expensive condition to treat. The recurrent form may require a long term commitment to antibiotic treatment. For this reason many dog owners are seeking out alternative natural remedies such as homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies containing an herbal antiseptic tonic known as uva ursi have started to gain popularity. Homeopathic remedies operate on the principle that "like treats like" and formulas containing uva ursi have proven to be a very safe and effective way in preventing and treating urinary tract infections, such as bacterial cystitis.

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Bacterial Cystitis in Dogs

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This article was published on 2010/04/03