Bacterial Vaginosis Can Be Solved

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Bacterial vaginonis, what is it and what causes it? These nasty bacterial infections are often caused by the sanitary products that women use. These bacterial infections can easily be avoided before they ever start. These infections can immobilize a women and lead to serious problems if left un-treated. One major problem is many women never know they have bacterial vaginosis until a flare up. If you think you may have an infection see your local doctor right away and get treated.

How un-sanitary are your so called sanitary napkins or tampons? Think about it, most of the packaging comes in a plastic bag that we open up and throw under our dark wet sink or in our purse with is also hidden with bugs. This is a perfect breeding place for bacteria to grow right on your sanitary products. This is often what causes the millions of cases of bacterial infections of the vagina.

Most women do not either notice or understand these types of infections. Bacterial infections often sneak up without one knowing. Though some women may notice certain symptoms, often times it goes un-treated.

If you feel you may have an infection contact your doctor right away and get treated. These infections are often remedied with creams or antibiotics that in a few days should get better.

End bacterial vaginosis before it begins!

A new technology has been released into the sanitary napkin industry. These sanitary napkins by Winalite International are super absorbent and stay dry. The best part is Winalite places a green strip filled with negative ions. Negative ions are known to kill 99% of bacteria on contact. Other health benefits from negative ions, have shown to be improved immune system, blood pressure, hormonal balance and much more. Learn more about Winalites negative ion sanitary napkins and end bacterial infections before they start!

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Shawna Shoecopia is an assistant to a gynecologist in the Toronto area and has evaluated Winalite and hundreds of other products. Winalite International has patents in every Country in the World on this technology.

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Bacterial Vaginosis Can Be Solved

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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