Causes Of H. Pylori Bacterial Infection

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What is H. pylori?


H. pylori stand for Helicobacter pylori bacteria.  It is a spiral shaped bacteria, which specifically resides under the mucus layer besides the stomach.  If the infection is left untreated, it can lead to several digestive illnesses such as gastritis (inflammation and irritation of the lining of stomach), peptic ulcer disease and stomach cancer at later stages in life.


H. pylori are well adapted for survival in the stomach where other bacteria are not able to survive because of high acid content. The bacterium produces an enzyme through a series of biochemical processes, which creates a low acid buffer zone for its survival.


Causes of Helicobacter pylori bacteria infection:


  1. 1. Infection through Direct contact:


 The H. pylori bacteria spread from one person to other through direct contact with saliva or fecal matter. It enters the human body through the mouth and enters your digestive system. Untreated water, which contains H. pylori bacteria, can also be one cause for infection.


  1. 2. Lack of Hygiene and clean potable water:


The Helicobacter pylori bacteria inhabits in unhygienic places such as swamps. Crowded conditions with poor sanitation, lack of clean portable water and lack of hot water for cleaning purposes can also be one of the causes of Helicobacter pylori bacteria infection. Children are at a greater risk of getting this infection than adults.  You can easily be infected with h pylori bacteria if you are living with a person who is already suffering from infection. 


  1. 3. Stomach Ulcers:


H. pylori normally reside in holes that are caused by stomach ulcers. It is seen that consumption of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin for pain relief over a long period leads to development of ulcers in stomach, which encourage growth of H. pylori bacteria in the stomach.


  1. 4. Iron deficiency:


Iron deficiency in the human body also encourages H. pylori bacteria infection. Iron deficiency has direct effect on immune, cognitive and work performance of body.


  1. 5. Other nutritional deficiencies:


A poor diet does not provide the required nutrients to the body. These conditions help the H. pylori bacteria to produce more acids and dig deep inside intestinal walls.

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Causes Of H. Pylori Bacterial Infection

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