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Despite the advancement in health research, there are still plenty of findings that can leave you dumbstruck and rethinking your lifestyle. This article will cover some interesting findings and will show how you can implement them to dramatically improve your quality of life.

  • Less than one per cent of bacteria are harmful

When we think of bacteria, we frown and think ill of them for their pathogenicity. But in reality, there are thousands of species of bacteria that live on our skin and in our gut. Contrary to popular belief, most types of bacteria simply want to live in harmony with humans. In fact, some bacteria that reside on the skin and gut are required for proper functioning of our systems.

  • Chewing gum boosts alertness

Chewing gum has shown to keep a person alert. This is particularly true of mint flavored gum that has a refreshing taste. If you did not have your dose of caffeine for the day, chewing gum may just do the trick. It also renews energy and prevents you from getting tired. Apart from its brain boosting capabilities, it is also effective in warding off bad breath and improving confidence.

  • Coffee can act as an anti-depressant

There is much speculation about the health effects of coffee. Many people opt for "Decaf" coffee because of the potential harmful effects of caffeine however, it has been proved that having a certain amount of caffeine per day can act as a treatment for depression. So if you are feeling down, have an extra strong coffee and may be your mood will change.

  • Sugar is equally harmful as cigarettes

While cigarettes have been heavily promoted as a suicide ticket, sugar is usually associated with positive emotions and is generally encouraged provided that it is consumed as a constituent of dessert. Based on research however, excess consumption of sugar can have damaging effects that are just as bad as cigarettes. It can result in similar health complications. There is a growing body of professionals who consider that consumption of sugar should be regulated.

  • Exercise won't make you thin

A common misconception is that hopping on a treadmill for 20 minutes a day will give you that beach body you have dreamed of. The truth is that exercise alone will do little when it comes to weight loss. For effective results, combination of exercise and dietary changes is required.

Simply by incorporating the above mentioned tips into your daily lifestyle, you will see plenty of positive changes. Sometimes, the little changes can make a big difference to your health.

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Surprising health facts

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This article was published on 2014/04/17